Heart-Pounding Rollercoaster Of Germany ‘WODAN – Timburcoaster’


Rust, Germany : Wodan – Timburcoaster is Europa-Park’s first wooden rollercoaster, launched  in March 2012, the name of this attraction was inspired by gods and goddesses of Norse mythology.  Michael Mack, member of the Executive Board of Europa-Park, speaks about the size, concept and speed of this wooden rollercoaster.

Michael Mack, member of the Executive Board of Europa-Park

Michael Mack, member of the Executive Board of Europa-Park

What is Europa-Park’s WODAN – Timburcoaster?

Since 2012, Wodan – Timburcoaster has been extending Europa-Park´s offer in a spectacular way. The high-end wooden rollercoaster is located in the Iceland themed area and perfectly integrated in the park landscape: The infamous Viking-Worrier Leif Erikson welcomes our guests and sends them down into the Nordic underworlds. Then visitors pass the goddess Hel and Mimir’s fountain and follow the path over the rainbow bridge, up to Asgard. Here, in Walhalla, where the brave, fallen Vikings reunite, guests can enter Wodan – Timburcoaster and begin a heart-pounding ride…

It is 1.050 meters long, 40 meters high, achieves a speed of up to 100 km/h and reaches a maximal vertical acceleration up to 3.5 G! Furthermore, Wodan – Timburcoaster crosses the paths of two other attractions − the catapult coaster blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM and the water ride Atlantica SuperSplash. During the run-time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, this emotional interaction of three top-attractions guarantees passengers some extra thrill!Wodan_Waiting_area_610x400

Which company constructed it and what was the capital investment?

Wodan – Timburcoaster was constructed by the company “Great Coasters International, Inc.” from Pennsylvania, USA, which is considered as the worldwide leading constructor of wooden rollercoasters. The total investment amounted to 10 million Euros. It is therefore one of the few rides in the park not manufactured by Mack Rides.

How many trains do you have in Wodan – Timburcoaster and how many guests are accommodated per trip?

We have 3 trains in WODAN – Timburcoaster. Each train can transport up 24 passengers.Wodan_bluefire_610x400

Average, how many guests per day take ride in this roller coaster?

WODAN – Timburcoaster has a total capacity of 1.250 passengers per hour. In the summer season Europa-Park is certainly open from 9am to 6pm, but we do have longer opening hours during the peak season. And so, Europa-Park is open for at least 9 hours per day. You can do the math… It is one of our most popular attractions in Europa-Park. For that reason, WODAN – Timburcoaster is always very well attended.

What are the safety measures taken to deal with any emergency situation?

Wodan_Details_400xAs we are the market leader among German leisure parks there is a feeling of responsibility to set a good example. With more than 5.5 million visitors per year, the safety of each guest is the first priority at Europa-Park. All steps are taken in order to guarantee a smooth course of operations – with almost 100 attractions, this is a very responsible duty.

Therefore, we have a comprehensive concept of security. This includes, for instance, safety trainings for our employees and special emergency plans for all our attractions. Apart from that, we take regular safety checks for granted: At the crack of dawn, long before the first visitors enter Europa-Park, a large team of specialists and professional experts perform in-depth and standardized safety inspections. Day by day, they check every single attraction in our theme park.

In case of WODAN – Timburcoaster, a dedicated team of fitters and industrial rope access technicians are on duty. While their daily checkup they inspect each train and track. Besides this, they examine the condition of the wood as well as screw and nail connections. Their detailed technical inspection is followed by an empty run. After everything went smoothly and without complications, WODAN – Timburcoaster will be open for guests.

Moreover, there are a sign at the entrance of every attraction which describes safety regulations and restrictions. For example, WODAN – Timburcoaster can only be entered from 6 years and a body height of 120 cm. These safety regulations are provided by the TÜV (safety standards authority) and our security team at the attraction makes sure that they are followed strictly.

Europa-Park will be open in the 2016 summer season from 19th March to 6th November from 9am to 6pm daily (longer opening hours during peak season). Information hotline: +49 (0)7822 / 77 66 88. Further information available at www.europapark.de


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