First “museum-restaurant” of McDonald opens above 2nd century BC route in Rome

 First “museum-restaurant” of McDonald opens above 2nd century BC route in Rome

Archaeological area grand opening rediscovered during the works for Marino (Rome) McDonald’s restaurant realization. Visitable for free, the recovery and restoration project is completely funded by McDonald’s Italy.

Rome, Italy: It has been opened today – after two years of work – the archaeological area rediscovered during the drills carried out to build the new McDonald’s restaurant in the municipality of Marino.

It is a 45-metres-long fork of Ancient Appia Route, surfaced of silicalstone, that branches off from the Ancient Appia Route. The excellent conservation of the route and the discovery of some burials, give to the area a great historic and archaeological value, this has been recovered and given value by McDonald’s Italy. The company has funded the project with a 300,000 € investment that has been carried out under the technical and scientific direction of Rome, Viterbo and Southern Etruria Archeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence.

An underground museum gallery allows the public to visit for free the archaeological area. Visitors are driven to the discovery of an evocative period of our history by an itinerary of educational panels in Italian and English language for adults and children. In Ancient Rome times, where now lies Frattocchie suburb, Bovillae village laid, the first village you could bump into coming from Rome.

The “bridge” building of the restaurant has allowed integrating perfectly the fork to the construction, making it visible from the food service room and from the external terrace through a glass floor, succeeding in the opening of the very first “museum-restaurant” of McDonald’s globally.

The construction of the route should be dated back to a period between the Second and the First Century BC, and is now perfectly preserved because, after being abandoned between the Second and the Third Century AD, has been buried under terrain and vegetation for over 1,500 years. The route dimensions, 2.1 metres, and the presence of lateral drains for water, let the experts think this has been a public service secondary street. On the route sides three burials – of which the moulds are now exposed – have been found.

Mario Federico, MD McDonald’s Italy, was present at the opening event, together with Alfonsina Russo, Rome, Viterbo Province and Southern Etruria Superintendent for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, and Carlo Colizza, Mayor of Marino.

“Today’s opening gives back to Marino citizens an important testimony of their history. From now on everyone, children and scholars above all, can do an evocative time travel along a Roman route: memories fill rouge that tie back a thousand-year old stories with modern community. This is also a new point of interest for the visitors that, travelling along Appia route, visit Marino, attracted by its ancient allure. This important project has been carried out since the beginning – with a fully shared responsibility action -by the Superintendence and McDonald’s Italy and witnesses how an effective safeguard action is possible giving value to the cultural heritage of a territory that is a resource of the local community, that can be its guardian” the Superintendent Alfonsina Russo stated.

Mario Federico, MD McDonald’s Italy, commented: “I am deeply proud to have given a contribution, as McDonald’s Italy, to give back to Marino territory this important testimony of their history. This project is a virtuous example of how public and private sector can collaborate in culture, with the community benefitting from it. This also witnesses how modern and ancient culture can live together. We built here one of our most innovative restaurant. And we did it not only safeguarding, but also giving value to a piece of our past. In this place we look at the future deeply rooted in our country’s great past, and I found it really outstanding.”

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