Breakout Games added New Escape Room

Columbus, Ohio: Breakout Games on July 10th opened an Island Escape room at Breakout Games – Minneapolis.

On the morning of July 10th, the escape room company released their first online scavenger hunt. The intention of this event was to experiment with the idea of spreading the joy and excitement found in participants after solving a clue or cracking a code.

Anyone who chooses to play is thrust in the middle of a secret mission to locate an unknown criminal and recover the artifacts that were stolen. The BIA (Breakout Intelligence Agency) enlists the help of each player and will remain a silent partner throughout the duration of the mission. The video containing the first clue and start to the game can be found here.

This initial online scavenger hunt is shorter than an actual escape room experience. It can take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes to complete and it does not necessarily have to be completed in one sitting.

Help Breakout find this master thief and collect your reward at the end. The entire internet is at your disposal.

Breakout Games has already become a household name in the escape room industry. These series’ of adventurous escapes and life-sized games involve a race to break out of a locked room in just 60 minutes. The key to solving each mystery is following a sequence of codes, puzzles and clues.

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