Breakout Games’ at Minneapolis comes with new escape adventure

Island Escape, is Breakout Games’ newest escape adventure

Minneapolis, Minnesota: This brand new scenario of Island Escape at Breakout Games – Minneapolis allows everyone to experience a taste of summer excitement.

The situation of Island Escape

Participants while vacationing on a tropical island, will awake to the sounds of a dormant volcano rumbling to life. The only people still on the island are left to their own devices and must work together to discover the keys to safety before the lava reaches shore. So to escape from this situation, every member will have to work hard.

Breakout is full of life-sized games involving a race to break out of a locked room in under 60 minutes. Teamwork is the key to solve each mystery by follow a series of codes, puzzles and clues.

Other popular Games at this Breakout location are, The Kidnapping, Museum Heist, Operation: Casino or Hostage Escape.

The Kidnapping
The kidnapping begins with participant and his fellow captives waking up handcuffed and blindfolded in a strange room. With collective brainpower, hidden clues they have 60 minutes on to free themselves before the kidnapper returns.

Museum Heist
As former art thieves, participant and his friends are hired to find a rare collection of stolen artwork on the eve of a prestigious gallery opening. Breaking their way into the thief’s home, they must follow clues, find the stolen goods and escape before the clock runs out.

Operation: Casino
In this life-sized spy game, a participant will be sent on a trail of clues to discover the alias of a missing agent, and bring down the syndicate responsible for his disappearance. Follow unexpected twists and turns, break codes and channel he will help secret agent to escape the room in an hour or less. If you’re down with espionage, this is your game.


While on a flight, the plane is hijacked and the participant lose consciousness as the cabin depressurizes. Later he wakes up and realizes he’s trapped, handcuffed to his friends in the hijackers headquarters. So now the task is to remove the handcuffs and find out the details behind their hijacking and escape before time’s up?

Breakout Games’ at Minneapolis

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