Brazilian theme park Erotikaland to open in 2018


São Paulo, Brazil: Entrepreneurs in Brasil will built an adult-only sex theme park called ErotikaLand. The location, for now, will be kept in secret, “to avoid speculations and not to serve as a political platform to opportunists around”, says the responsible for the project, the CEO of Soft Love enterprise, Mauro Morata. The chosen location has 150 thousand square meters and it already have the infrastructure needed to suit the project, the works for environmental toys and customization of the installation will be delayed, but the forecast for the park’s opening is 2018. “We are speaking to foreign investors who want to finance another part of the project”, affirms Morata.mauroepaulo_1_x400

Erotikland is having an international repercussion, it was featured in The New York Times and British tabloids. “We know it is a daring Project, but our intention is to turn the place into an international touristic spot” says Mauro.

The project is valued at 80 million Brazilian Real and plans to create 250 new jobs. Instead of what many people think, the park won’t have a pornographic approach, the idea, according to the organization is to promote a healthy approach to sex. The attendees will be able to tour a museum exploring the history of sexuality, and employees will promote condom use. The park will have a “sex playground,” but it will feature a labyrinth, Ferris wheel and water slide.

What the customers cannot have, the investors say, is any actual intercourse — at least, not in the park.

“This won’t be a place for nuns, but it’s not like we’re trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah. If visitors want to take things to another level, they can go to a nearby motel — which we will operate”, emphasizes Mauro.

erotikaland_50_2_50Discover the following main attractions of “erotic Disneyland”:

Cinema 7D: this technology already exists in some amusement parks in Brasil. During the projection, the chairs and the environment transmit the feelings of the film to the audience, such as heat, cold, vibration.

Ferris wheel: Instead of chairs, there will be closed cabins made of a material that allows you to see the view, but without being seen.

Train of pleasures: a “erotic ghost train”, but in place of hauntings, there gogo boys and gogo girls.

Hotel: the users can stay for a day or for a few hours, like a motel. There will also have a convention center.

Erotic Museum: Follows the same idea of Love Land Park, in South Korea. It will maintain a permanent erotic art exhibition, in addition to some sculptures that will decorate the park.

Madness Water Park: Is a theme park with water slides and amazing toys.

Erotic games: similar to Playland, but with erotic games.

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