Attractions Of 76 Golf World

1Attractions Of 76 Golf World

Stuart, Florida: If you are in Stuart, and Looking for the ideal way to wrap up your weekend with family or friends, then 76 Golf World could be a good option. This family owned family fun center, spread on 27 acres, is a superb place for the kids.

It has huge variety of arcade games and also has outdoor activities such as mini golf, zip line, go karts, and a Snack Bar that will actually fill up your tummy. Golf World’s signature attraction is two miniature golf courses. “Our signature attractions are our 2 exotic miniature golf courses sitting on 3.5 acres,” Says Steve Coy, General Manager of 76 Golf World . ” We do not have obstacles on our courses but our holes average about 40 feet in length. We have actually had weddings performed on our mini golf due to the landscaping in our gazebo which is on one of the courses.”

With an extensive display of fun attractions, this place is also famous for Prom Photoshoot. “Landscaping in our gazebo which is on one of the courses. We also have a lot of people come out for prom photos or anything special photos that people would like a nice setting too,” added Steve Coy.

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America, an American organization of golf professionals, recommends Golf World’s mini golf courses to advertisers who use PGA professionals in their commercials. “We have had a Tiger Woods commercial done here as well as a Rory McElroy commercial. I asked the PGA how they knew of our facility and they said they contacted their advertisers in Miami (100 miles south of us) and they said the only facility you want is 76 Golf World. We also have had LPGA players that come here and play each other on mini golf,” said Steve Coy.

76 Golf World’s main theme is to promote fun for kids. U.S. military people past or present are always welcome as free guests. Since, the place is located in Florida the best time to visit here would be the spring. All attractions are outdoors so they are weather driven. Though this park is in small town, yet they get a lot of celebrities like Celine Dion, Davey Jones of the Monkees before he past, Megan Fox, Lauren Hutton as well as a lot of sports celebrities.

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