Appu Ghar received 2.1 million visitors in 2015

Appu Ghar

Noida, India: India’s first Amusement Park “Appu Ghar” owned by International Amusement Ltd received 2.1 million visitors in 2015. In an exclusive interview with AmusementParks News, Robin Vijeshwar Managing Director, IAL, spoke about the performance of Appu Ghar in 2015. He also shared his views on how Indian government policies can help in growth of Theme park Industry in 2016. Excerpts:

Robin Vijeshwar Managing Director, IAL

Robin Vijeshwar Managing Director, IAL

1. How many visitors did you received in 2015, how are you planning to increase this number in 2016?

We received 2.1 million visitors in 2015. Our footfall compound annual growth rate (CAGR) CAGR of 13.3 % stems from our differentiated and strategic marketing approach to cater to all age groups. We have specialized events and engagement team which ensures a unique experience to our guests.

2. What are your expansion plans with new rides and attractions in 2016?

This is a capital intensive industry hence it is very hard to install a new ride year on year. We thus converge our energies in engaging people through a variety of entertainment experiences; either through our engrossment programs orvia strategic partnership with world class edutainment and entertainment brands. Events and guest participation plays a huge role in our thought process, thus each year our events and engagement team creates new innovation around experiences which are not readily available in the Indian market, without compromising on local flavors.

Appu Ghar

3. What is the current entry fees for the park and will the fee structure remains the same for this year?

Last year we charged an average of INR 900 for park entry, this included unlimited rides for the guests and doubled up as entry ticket to all our events on that day. The price of the tickets are dynamic with a wide range of packages for individuals, families, schools and corporates.

4. Last year Which Ride was most popular among the visitors? Any specific reason?

There were 2 rides which were really popular with our guests. The first was OMG, which is a free fall ride giving a sense of weightlessness for an instant. The second is our award winning ride, Skyfall, the tallest Indian ride (93ft) provided our guest with an adrenaline rush that was beyond expressions for some.

5. What is the parks USP apart from rides?

Our USP lies in our ability to deliver world class entertainment destinations where Indian consumers can experience attractions of international caliber. In a sense we are not confined by the thought of traditional amusement parks. We endeavorto provide an element of social spaces for fun activities and community building, where guests are part of a more active enjoyment rather than passivity of what traditional amusement parks offer.

6. How will 2016 be for the Theme park industry?

2016 should be an interesting year for the industry. With parks offering more than just fun for children the steps are in process to make the term theme park obsolete, replacing it with social destinations or modern community areas. We at Appu Ghar see increase in both ticket prices and number of visitations across all parks with greater spend on ancillary’s other than tickets. Global players would keep a keen eye on developing amusement trend in India as seen with expansion plan from some of them. The change in government policies in 2016 on tax and land would be a great shot in the arm for the industry as it would make investment a lot cheaper than in the past.

Appu Ghar

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