Cohoes, New York: Aquatic Development Group (ADG), announces the opening of their new Breaker BeachTM Water Ride, the first of their premiere series of water rides to open, at Water World Waterpark located just outside Denver, Colorado. The new ride, branded ‘Cowabunga Beach’ opened too much fanfare during a two hour Polynesian themed media event on June 8, 2016.

ADG’s Breaker BeachTM is one of five brand new water rides in ADG’s line of Premiere Water Rides Series.  It is the first of its kind, dual-launch boogie boarding surf ride that provides guests with the perfect wave every time. And with new waves every four seconds, Breaker BeachTM is capable of continuous non-stop throughput.  An action oriented ride, it appeals to guests of all ages and skill sets.

“Having a boogie board beach in a land-locked state has brought a unique experience to our guests and they are loving it!” said Joann Cortez, Communications Director at Water World.

Measuring at 13,300sqft, the Breaker BeachTM Water Ride at Water World features ADG’s exclusive WaveTek™ technology allowing riders to enjoy the perfect breaking wave, perfectly sized for boogie boarding, as they dispatch from a uniquely designed launch peninsula.

The new Breaker BeachTM ride was chosen by Water World over a more traditional fiberglass ride option because of its customizability and large capacity potential. According to Joann Cortez, Communication Director for Hyland Hills Park, they were looking to replace their existing wave pool that was in need of renovation and provide guests with an exciting new attraction that families could enjoy together.  Breaker Beach fit that mode exactly!

“This project is a resounding success due to ADG’s staff of professionals, dedication to our timeline and of course the amazing result of Colorado’s new Cowabunga Beach. We couldn’t be more pleased,” added Cortez.  “We pride ourselves in offering variety to our guest experience and ADG had provided us with a unique addition to our diverse offering of family attractions.”

Also debuting at Water World this summer is Turtle Bay, a zero-entry, 2,500sqft wave pool designed and built by ADG specifically for toddlers and young children. The heavily themed “kiddie wave pool” holds 13,000 gallons of water and includes interactive play features and unique features such as customized bench seating for adults. cdcfb444-6a10-4db3-ade5-1335e8458251

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