7 Roller Coasters of Michigan’s Adventure

Michigan's Adventure

Muskegon County, Michigan: Michigan’s Adventure is a 250-acre amusement park opened in 1956. The park has over 60 rides and attractions, including 7 roller coasters.


The park operated by Cedar Fair since 2001 has Some fantastic rides. The first roller coaster ‘Corkscrew’ was added in 1979. But most popular among the visitors are Shivering Timbers and Michigan’s only suspended looping roller coaster Thunderhawk.

Shivering Timbers opened in 1998, and is considered as one of the world’s best wooden roller coasters. Speaking about its design Laure Bollenbach, Marketing Director of Michigan’s Adventure, said “Shivering Timbers is over 1 mile long and 125 feet tall, and has been ranked as a top wood coaster since it was opened.”

Shivering Timbers alone is worth the trip, but in addition to the gigantic wooden coaster, there are six more, each offering their own brand of thrill. “Late May and early June are great times to visit our park and receive the most rides on our roller coasters,” suggested Laure Bollenbach.

Check all seven Roller Coasters of Michigan’s Adventure Amusement park.

Shivering Timbers :  The signature attraction of Michigan’s Adventure
With a half mile out, and then a half mile back, Shivering Timbers is the longest fastest wooden roller coaster in Michigan! Its immense wooden track is full of breath-taking drops, stomach-lifting lifts, and hair-raising turns. Reaching speeds of 65 mph and heights of 125 feet, this coaster is a thrill adventure!
Shivering Timbers : The signature attraction of Michigan's Adventure
Duration: 2 minutes and 30 seconds
Manufacturer:  Custom Coasters
Speed:  65 mph
Height Requirement: 48″ minimum

Annually voted one of the top 10 wooden roller coasters in the world by Amusement Today readers. Towers 125 feet in the air with a 122-foot first drop at a 55-degree angle.
The out and back design delivers an abundance of airtime.
It is one of the best night ride experiences in the world.

This suspended steel roller coaster simulates flight with  speeds of 50 mph and heights of 120 feet. With exhilarating 90-degree vertical climbs, barrel rolls, inverted wing looping, and a complete roll over. Riders will be airborne as their legs and feet sail through the open sky!
Duration: 2 minutes
Height Requirement:  52″ minimum,  78″ maximum
Manufacturer:  Vekoma
Speed: 50 mph

The first suspended looping roller coaster in the state of Michigan.
A favourite of park visitors and enthusiasts alike.
Stands 105 feet tall with a thrilling first drop of 86 feet.
Riders are sent upside down five times at speeds up to 50 mph!

Wolverine Wildcat
This serpentine wooden coaster will take you on a wild ride of hairpin turns and sharp banks and sharper drops! Plummet from heights of 85 feet and race to speeds of 55 mph on this thrilling ride!
Duration: 1 minute and 30 seconds
Height Requirement: 48″ minimum
Manufacturer: Dinn and Summers
Speed: 55 mph

Designed by legendary roller coaster designer Curtis D. Summers and built in 1988 by the Dinn Corporation.
The park’s original wooden roller coaster.
The ride experience begins with a pass through a dark tunnel and turn before climbing the lift hill.
A ride that families enjoy experiencing together.

Mad Mouse
Go where no mere mouse has gone before! You will squeak through a maze of sharp dips and hairpin turns on this exciting roller coaster.
Duration: 4 minutes
Height Requirement: 48″ minimum,  or 44″ and accompanied by a supervising  companion
Manufacturer:  Arrow

Smiles and laughter abound for riders on this roller coaster.
An attraction that families enjoy riding together.
Riders experience sharp turns and sudden drops on this fun-filled ride.
Colorful mouse-shaped cars make for great photo opportunities.

Dizzying speeds and endless loops will turn you inside out when you ride this steel coaster.
Height Requirement: 48″ minimum
Manufacturer: Arrow
Speed: 45 mph

One of the best Corkscrew-model roller coaster ride experiences in the world.
Riders are sent through two fun and thrilling inversions at speeds up to 45 mph.
Was the first roller coaster built at the park.
A ride that families enjoy experiencing together.

Zach’s Zoomer
This wooden coaster is designed for the kids. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in thrills. Zoom through dips, drops, and turns.
Zach's Zoomer
Duration: 1 minute
Height Requirement: 46″ minimum, or 40″ and accompanied by a supervising  companion
Manufacturer: Custom Coasters

Specifically designed for kids and their parents to enjoy together.
One of the best first wooden roller coaster experiences in the world for kids.
While designed for kids, roller coaster enthusiasts enjoy the ride too!
Layout and design based on popular kids’ coasters around the country designed by the legendary John Allen of the Philadelphia Toboggan company.

Big Dipper
This kiddie coaster will circle its riders through exciting dips and dives.
Duration:  2 minutes
Height Requirement:  42″ minimum, or36″ and accompanied by a supervising companion
Manufacturer: Chance Rides

An attraction that kids and their parents enjoy riding together.
Great first roller coaster for kids.
Several laps are taken during the ride experience.
Parents, have your camera ready to snap of photo of your kids smiling and laughing if you’re not riding.

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