5 Safety checks Indian water parks must daily follow for waterslides




Mumbai, India: In Theme Park industry, especially during the hot summer months, water parks get footfall of visitors from every age group.  The main motive of the visitors is to surf through every Water slides available in water park.

In the past few decades , water-slides in water park have drastically changed, with many new attractions , park owners have  kept adding more and more water rides and slides. Training the staff about the operations and maintenance of every water park attractions has also become more challenging.atlantis

Manish J Joshi the founder of ‘H2O The Water Specialists’  defines water slides as “Surface used for  coming down from a slope. And in order to reduce friction water used hence called Water-Slide” in this discussion , he will also share ‘5 Safety checks a water park must daily follow for slide.’

Manish  is BE Construction, through University of Mumbai in the year 1993. He also holds a Masters Degree in Financial Management, 2006. His experience spread across the time span of Eighteen Years and  have Designed and Commissioned more than 20 Water Park and theme park till date.

Indian water parks use what kind of water-slides, what is the maximum height allowed by government of India?

The Indian parks use all types of the slides used in the world. And some of best manufacturers are based in India. But as with all industries ( In India and China) no Break Through new Slides are designed by Manufacturers. Since no R & D department is functioning in any of the Indian Manufacturers( In India and China). The R & D department is tasked with making slides out of pictures of International Catalog . All water parks have a standard slides Complex. Since Owners are discouraged by Manufacturers to appoint water parks Consultants. The consultants are not favoured by Manufacturers since different design means work from start and do not capabilities to bespoke design. Since any new design is a risk(for manufacturers since do not data for design),  the slide is directly installed in the parks without trails . And you have accidents during trails, trails are conducted on labours on site( Just like a park in Chennai  May 11,  this year)


5 Safety checks a water park must daily follow for slide?

  1. Get a certificate of performance from the Manufacturers.
  2. Install a flow meter at pump delivery in order to maintain a constant flow
  3. Follows the guidelines of weight given by Manufacturers
  4. Area around the slide entry should clean. It has a tendency of algae formation.
  5. Remote covered for starting the slide pump

Last but not the least the water-slide is affected by the water quality especially the chemical balance. So upmost is to get water chemistry correctly.

What is the average life of a water slide, when is the time to replace it?

Well Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) is non Biodegradable hence not required  to change.

How ‘H2O The Water Specialists’ assist in maintaining of water park slide?

By doing Quality Audit covering following areas.

Quality of Water.

Electric Consumption.

Standard Code of practice.

Safe practices.

Design Faults especially waterslides and wavepool.

Refurishment of equipments if required.

Green Solutions.

Failure of systems.

Image courtesy: H2O The Water Specialists

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