4D Alive Museum opens in Singapore

4D Alive Museum

4D Alive Museum

Singapore: Alive Museum Singapore, a quirky new attraction in Suntec City Mall, promises to be a fun and unique treat for the whole family, locals and tourists alike. The biggest 4D illusionary museum in Singapore offers a sensory experience that tricks one’s visual, physical and environmental perceptions, bringing fantasy to reality.


Not only can you touch and feel the exhibits at Alive Museum Singapore, you can also hop into the frame and become a part of the art masterpieces that play on optical illusions. In fact, we insist you do so for a laughter-filled visit, and hope you snap loads of amazing “how did you do that” pictures while you are at it.

Trick or treat? You get both at Alive Museum.

What Makes The New Alive Museum Singapore Unique

17286436605_569f3c48df_k_680x447Alive Museum opened in 2009 and is the original 4D visual illusion museum from South Korea. It is the world’s largest chain of such an entertainment concept, where 4D art comes alive with clever painting, shading and drawing techniques.

Alive Museum currently has eight branches in South Korea, three in China and one each in Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey. The Singapore branch is currently its 15th.

Alive Museum Singapore spans more than 10,000 sq ft and is the largest 4D visual illusion museum locally, with the highest number of visitors.
Visitors enjoy easy access to the museum via public transport, as it is situated in the heart of Singapore. There is a direct sheltered linkway access from Promenade MRT station (CC4 on the Circle Line), as well as conveniently located taxi stands, bus stops and a designated drop-off and pick-up point for tour coaches.

Visitors also queue in sheltered air-conditioned comfort while waiting to enter the museum.
The museum features over 80 masterpieces, of which 8 are locally themed and unique to Singapore.
All the artworks are hand-painted and handcrafted by Alive Museum’s own team of talented artists from South Korea to exacting standards, so as to ensure unparalleled quality.

Alive Museum also boasts its own dedicated R&D team, who are driven by a passion for art and the commitment to deliver the best quality experience for visitors. They painstakingly study a variety of techniques and paints to create top-notch masterpieces, so Alive Museum can proudly claim to be the leader in its field.

Visitors will be wowed by unique Object Art and Digital Art pieces, which are exclusively available at Alive Museum.
Take advantage of the free WiFi service provided to immediately upload and share your fun snapshots with friends and family on various social media platforms!

What Makes Alive Museum Unique

With a total of 15 branches in operation globally, Alive Museum has amassed a broad range of experience and knowledge. This gives the company the edge to be at the forefront of creating the best experience for visitors.
The largest branch so far is in Jeju Island, South Korea, which occupies about 43,000 sq ft of exhibition space and welcomes at least 1.5 million visitors a year.

All contents in each museum are specially handpicked to provide a unique experience that is relevant to each location.
The fun does not stop at photo taking! Visitors will be delighted with exclusive hand-made Alive Museum candies.

What Makes The Masterpieces Come Alive

Art installations that interact with visitors, change their perceptions, warp their physical world, all captured as fun photo memories. All these can be found at Alive Museum, which uses special 4D painting techniques mechanical and digital technologies to create the most fun and engaging illusionary museum in the world.

Don a pair of giant angel wings; float on a paper boat; or lie secure in the strong arms of Superman. These are just some thrilling examples of how you can become part of a fantasy at Alive Museum.

3D Art
Trick Art was very popular during the Baroque era in the 16th century. Using 3D painting techniques, these art pieces trick the eyes and stimulate your mind into seeing both illusion and reality at the same time.

Digital Art
Digital Art combines state-of-the-art technologies and art elements to let visitors experience art beyond what are seen, and enjoy art like never before.
Object Art
Object Art features sculptures and installations that challenge our senses. Is seeing believing? Touch and be part of the art pieces for an immersive experience that you will talk about for a long time to come.
To help create head-turning pictures and wonderful memories, Pose Point and Photo Point icons are located at each art exhibit, from where visitors can pose or press click to achieve the best and most realistic-looking pictures.

Ms Patsy Ong-Hahl, Managing Director of Adval Brand Group, the licensee of Alive Museum in Singapore says: “As tourist numbers hit a record high of 15.6 million last year, it is important that the Republic constantly offers new attractions. Alive Museum, currently the leading interactive illusionary museum, offers the increasing number of tourists a chance to experience the Republic from a fun and unconventional perspective while providing locals with a new place to bond over. About 30 per cent of our masterpieces will be changed every 12 – 18 months, ensuring that locals will enjoy a brand new experience on repeated visits.

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