Laramie, Wyoming: When you choose reclaimed wood for a project, you’ll receive a number of advantages. It’s eco-friendly and it offers a unique aesthetic to your project. Part of using reclaimed wood, however, is understanding how to know you’re getting high-quality reclaimed wood.

Make sure that the wood is dry and free from rot. Depending on where it was used previously, your reclaimed wood may have been exposed to the elements for at least part of its life. Check it over carefully to ensure that there is no rot or wetness that will sabotage your project.


Check the straightness of the wood. Reclaimed will never be perfect, which is part of its charm. If you need your wood to be pretty straight for your project, double check to make sure that it’s appropriately consistent and without major defects.

Examine the wood’s structural integrity. You want wood that is going to work for you just as long as it worked for its previous purpose. In many cases, reclaimed wood will be more stable than wood that has been purchased new. Years ago, it was more common to harvest from older trees with a tighter grain. Also, the natural moisture content of the wood is important; if the wood hasn’t been kiln dried or had the chance to naturally dry, it tends to be, what we call unstable and is subject to movement after installation.

Look for cracks and spaces. While you can certainly work with small cracks or spaces in the wood by filling them with epoxy, you want to know that your reclaimed wood will be right for your project. Choosing beauty doesn’t mean that you want low quality! Check over your wood for cracks and spaces, and make sure that the structural integrity of the piece is sound before you buy.

At Centennial Woods™, LLC, we hold our reclaimed wood to the highest quality standards. If you’re looking for reclaimed wood you can trust, contact us today.

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