Le Pal Amusement park successfully runs Sea lions Show from last 17 years

Spectacle Otaries Foot Push (1)Besbre, France: Next time you visit Le Pal Amusement park make sure you don’t miss one of the most entertaining Sea Lions show. Le Pal is a wildlife zoo and theme park located in Allier, France. It was established in 1973, now spread across on 35 hectares of land with 600 animals from over five continents, the Zoo is spread in 20 hectares of park land. The park hosts three amazing animal shows, featuring sea lions, parrots and Birds of Prey show.

Speaking about why do guest like Sea lion Show at Le Pal Amusement park, Arnaud Bennet Président of Le Pal Amusement park explained, “Visitors like aquatic species and they like to know better this great animal. They also really appreciate the emotion that comes out of the show as the trainers spend most of it in and under the water with the animals.”p1


The park is successfully running this Sea lion Show from last seventeen years. The duration of each show is about 25 minutes, with five sea lions, 2 trainers presenting the show and one person running the music, sounds effects and the discussion. “We’ve been running Sea lion Shows since 1996 and it’s every year in constant evolution with new exercises” added Mr Bennet.

The show has no special theme, still it gets maximum attention of the audiences due to the tasks that are performed by the sea lions with the help of four in house trainers, it takes from six months to several years to train a sea lion as informed by Mr Bennet.

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